perfect for intermediate producers and songwriters who are ready to move to the advanced or master levels.

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Recording Masterclasses

Our workshops offer you unique insider knowledge of some of the industry’s most closely guarded recording techniques, taught by an industry professional of 30+ years.

Working With DAWs
We offer beginners, intermediate and advanced workshops for recording and programming with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Ableton Live etc.
Plug-ins and Outboard
We show you the best plug-ins to use for different styles/sound palettes and take a look at some of the original outboard hardware used by the industry's finest.
Sound Design and Manipulation
We walk you through synthesizer programming, sampling and the more specialised forms of sound design behind styles like EDM, dubstep and glitch.
Sound Selection
Each genre has it's own sound, based on specific sound treatments, sources and forms of manipulation. We show you how to avoid glaring mistakes and sound like a pro.
Programming Beats
There's a real art to programming drums, especially if you want them to have an authentic feel. We show you the tricks of the trade.

So how do I sign up?

Book Your Workshop
Book your introductory workshop with us. Come down and have an informal chat about our courses.
Meet Your Workshop Tutor
Talk to our tutors. We'll talk about your experience, goals, interests and help you to put together a programme.
Once you decide you like us, you can register on this site. Book a minimum of 4 workshops to enhance your production capabilities!