Please read these terms and conditions before booking your piano lessons.

You will be asked to agree to these at registration.

  • Piano lessons are £50 per 40 minute session and £60 per hour. Please see my rates page for other options.
  • Students need to have regular access to an acoustic or digital piano (preferably with weighted keys) for the purposes of practicing. It is the student's responsibility to follow the practice schedule I set and to perform all practice and theory work allocated in the lessons.
  • Please note that my practice is aimed predominantly at teaching adults. In the event of my accepting under 16s, I ask for them to be accompanied to the lesson by a parent or legal guardian.
  • We'll discuss a good time for your lesson at our initial meeting. Unless agreed otherwise, the lesson will take place regularly at the same time on the same day each week. For the sake of clarity, it is your responsibility to remember the time of your lesson and arrange your diary accordingly.
  • I ask for all fees in advance, in blocks of 4 lessons, payable no later than two working days (48 working hours - IE excluding weekends) before the scheduled lesson. Please note that lessons will not be scheduled until funds are fully cleared. I ask for your next monthly payment after lesson three, so that I always have a week's fees in lieu to cover last-minute cancellations. All payments should be made by bank transfer, although in exceptional circumstances a cheque or cash might be acceptable by prior arrangement.
  • It is not my job to chase up payments. Please pay in good time without reminders to avoid missing your weekly lesson.
  • A minimum of forty eight (48) working hours (ie excluding weekends) advance notice of cancellation is required from piano students to avoid cancellation fees. Please note that the cancellation fee is 100% of the agreed rate. For clarity, cancellation means ANY scenario in which you don't turn up at the pre-arranged time. 'Postponement', 'deferment', 'scootching', or any other description of not keeping your appointment will be treated as a last-minute cancellation, unless the 48 hour requirement is adhered to.
  • Please note with any cancellations instigated by you - sometimes I may try to re-schedule your lesson for another slot in the same week to help you to avoid cancellation fees or using up one of your yearly holidays. If that doesn't work out for whatever reason, the original cancellation terms will apply and you will be charged for the lesson.
  • In the event of consecutive last-minute cancellations - after three consecutive last-minute cancellations, your place on the teaching schedule will be re-evaluated.
  • Six (6) days holiday per year are allowed including bank holidays (ie with advance notice) after which all subsequent holidays will be charged at the full rate. Students who use up more than 6 days off per year on a regular basis will be moved permanently onto a subscription model, whereby all lessons are payable whether attended or not.
  • A one month trial period is given. After the trial period is over, I ask for one month's advance notice if you wish to terminate your lessons. After the trial period is finished, any last-minute terminations will incur the full four-weekly fee.
  • It may be necessary from time to time to schedule online lessons via Zoom or similar. While I can generally guarantee that my piano lessons are held in person, online lessons may have to be arranged due to self-isolation, difficulties with travel, pandemics etc. For these reasons and perhaps others which cannot be predicted, online lessons are a requirement under this agreement.
  • Please keep mobile phones, pagers etc turned off at all times during the lesson, whether attending in person or remotely.
  • Study materials are essential for the lesson to proceed, so please remember to bring them. Please note that persistently forgetting to bring study materials to lessons may also result in my cancelling the lesson with no refund.
  • All lessons will be calculated from the starting time of your appointment, not from the time you arrive. For obvious reasons, I'm unable to run over into other lessons, so please be prompt if you want to benefit fully from your allotted time.
  • Please note that animals are not allowed in the studio for any reason. Guide dogs, or 'seeing eye dogs' (for our friends across the pond) may however be considered by prior arrangement.
  • I reserve the right to stop the lesson if I believe the student is not well enough to play.
  • Once lessons are booked or taken, these T&Cs apply whether or not agreement to them has been given.

 Teacher's responsibilities:

  • As I'm a working and touring musician, it may be necessary occasionally for me to cancel a lesson. If I have to cancel, I'll try my best to reschedule it with you. If we're unable to do this for any reason, I'll credit you with the lesson.
  • I will use the best of my abilities to help you achieve the goals we set out together for your musical development. 
  • You will be treated with respect at all times. We don't do scolding here at West London Piano Teacher!
  • While always taking into account your tastes in music and your preferences regarding piano repertoire, I may sometimes set pieces and/or exercises that you don't agree with for the sake of your progress as a piano player/musician.