Here are some of the questions that we've been asked over the years.

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Do I Need To Own A Piano To Learn The Piano?

Yes, it's essential to own or have access to a piano to practise the homework you're given every week. This is the bare minimum you will need to progress as a piano player. I set work every week for you to practise at home and this is what helps you to improve each week...

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How Often Should I Have Piano Lessons?

Most people who want to improve at a reasonable pace will have lessons once a week. In some circumstances piano students have different arrangements. It's important however to make a commitment to a regular time, as consistency is the only way to reach your goals and improve your piano playing.

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How Do I Go About Booking A Piano Lesson?

When you contact me, I'll arrange for you to come in for a trial piano lesson. This is designed to discuss your musical tastes, your goals and how best to develop your piano playing. If you've enjoyed yourself and think that piano lessons are for you, you'll be able to book a course of regular lessons.

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How Often Should I Practice The Piano?

Scheduling a regular time for your piano practice is AT LEAST as important as the time set aside for piano lessons! Anything from three 30 minute sessions per week, up to and exceeding an hour per day is usual. This of course depends on what level you're at and what you're hoping to achieve.

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How Quickly Can You Teach Me To Play The Piano?

Learning piano is not like visiting a nail bar or hair salon. You don't go into a lesson and come out playing the piano! That said, I can usually get you up and running fairly quickly. It usually depends on you how quickly you pick up the basics of piano playing and the principles of...

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Can You Put Me Through ABRSM Exams For Piano?

Yes I can. More often than not ABRSM exams can be of some help when taught in conjunction with the many other essential skills I cover. ABRSM exams offer a useful way of structuring your learning and measuring progress whilst learning to play the piano and with my supplemental...

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Can You Teach Me To Play Electronic Keyboards?

Yes I can. For the past 25 years I've worked with many artists, both in the electronic and EDM arenas and have an in-depth knowledge of the techniques used in EDM music. Most of these are founded in classical music of course, but I can give you insider tips on how they've been adapted...

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Can You Help Me To Learn Music Theory?

Yes. I can take you through all ABRSM theory grades, jazz theory and beyond, to help you understand what you're playing more fully. I don't believe in long boring theory sessions though, but explore it as part of the music we're playing, so it's kept manageable, relevant and enjoyable.

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Will Reading Music Spoil My Natural Talent?

Absolutely not! If you're truly talented, reading music will only add to your skills as a musician and can never destroy them. If you want to progress seriously as a musical performer, reading music can only ever help you, whereas the lack of it can hold you back in many situations.

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Can You Teach Me To Play What I Hear?

Absolutely! One of the most important things that defines us as musicians is the ability to play what is in our heads. My aural exercises are a mixture of real world practical work and ABRSM exercises which help to develop your ability to get what's in your head out onto your instrument.

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I'm self-taught. Do I need a teacher to do exams?

To be completely honest, most self taught adult pianists I have taken on have big gaps in their understanding, an inflated sense of their pianistic and musical abilities, and are usually quite disconnected from the quality of sound - putting more focus into understanding what they’re doing theoretically. You are so much more likely to excel in exams (and your playing in general) with the guidance of a teacher and in turn you will become a more self-sufficient learner.

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