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The internet is FULL of tutorials, some good, some bad and some containing SO much misinformation that they're actually counter-productive for genuine music students searching for facts. I'll be pasting some helpful links below to what I consider to be some of the more helpful tutorials and other learning aids to improving as a piano player and musician. Hope you enjoy!

Motific development

This example is from one of my favourite pieces of JS Bach. Don't be fooled by the 'classical' box many people put Bach in, Johann would almost DEFINITELY have been a jazzer in the 21st century, given that he was a greatly celebrated improviser! Studying how he develops ideas gives us a great insight into how to build and develop our own rhythmic or melodic motifs within compositions or solos. Go on, take a tiny germ of an idea and treat it in the same as this video does. I'd love to hear the results if you feel like recording it and sending it in! 🙂

Pat Metheny on improvisation and theory

For anyone who hasn't come across Pat Metheny, he is one of the most prolific and highly respected guitarists of this and the last century. His style is very approachable and conversational and he's always happy to share his wisdom with many educational institutions and has a wealth of information to offer on so many music-related subjects. Here he is in a Q & A talking about learning improvisation and theory.

Edna Golansky and Taubman technique

Many of you will have heard me waxing lyrical about Edna Golansky and the Taubman Technique she teaches. Here's a link to her YT page which shares a great deal of enlightening thoughts about hand movement in many specific contexts. Check out the more general videos on arpegios, broken octaves and so on. Straight from the horse's mouth!

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