West London Piano Teacher - Reviews

People have been exceptionally kind when reviewing their piano lessons - here are a few of them:

"Gordon Hulbert is an erudite teacher, who is in command of all aspects of music from Baroque to Broken Beat. I really appreciate his vast knowledge of music, sense of humour, his patience and the fact that he prioritises the enjoyment of his students by nesting all the relevant theory and technical learning in pieces, rather than making us rote reproduce endless scales. I recommend him to all wanting to make progress in mastering the instrument and to indulge their love of the piano." (Google *****)

Chris | Notting Hill | January 2023

"Gordon is a top bloke and a fountain of musical wisdom. No idea how he manages to pack so much useful knowledge and inspiration into one lesson a week but I always learn a staggering amount, not just about technical playing skill and theory but also listening, history and general musicianship. If you're looking to level up your keyboard skills and deepen your appreciation of music as an art form, he's the man." (Google *****)

Seb | Ealing | January 2023

"Gordon has been giving me lessons for 15 months. In that time my playing and technique has dramatically improved. I focus on Classical but he's also a fantastic jazz pianist and teacher. Gordon follows up after each lesson with notes which is really useful. He also has a lovely personality and is extremely knowledgeable about all periods of music. I would definitely recommend Gordon, equally for the beginner as for the more advanced pianist." (Google *****)

James | Queens Park | January 2021

"I've had many piano teachers over the years (all excellent) but none like Gordon. He is a font of musical knowledge, and makes the study of music engaging and approachable. Over the past few months with his guidance, I have seen an incredible improvement in my playing and sight reading, as well as my understanding of many different genres, music history, theory and their application. Working with him has given me the confidence to attempt more difficult pieces on my own, and I feel so fortunate to have found a teacher who does that! Highly recommend." (Google *****)

Sush | Kensington | February 2021

"A couple of years ago I was looking for a quick refresh of ideas and techniques I'd picked up after learning the piano years ago. What I found in Gordon was whole new way of looking at the keyboard and thinking about music. It's hard to appreciate how much I've come on - and what a whole world of music Gordon has opened up for me. And all the time it's just seemed like really good fun. An outstanding teacher who understands what you want, where you're coming from, and how best to help you get where you want to go." (Google *****)

Mark | Notting Hill | February 2021

"Gordon makes piano lessons fun and teaches in a very patient and methodical way. I'm absolutely loving my lessons with him and would highly recommend him to anyone, of any standard." (Google *****)

Susanna | Knightsbridge | April 2019

"Gordon is a great teacher, and brings his obvious love (and knowledge) of a very broad range musical genres to lessons. Lessons are very enjoyable but he is also very thorough and makes sure that you develop at a pace you can manage. Highly recommended !" (Google *****)

Justin | Holland Park | December 2018

"I would highly recommend Gordon! I started lessons in May 2016 and in this time my playing has been transformed. I learnt to play classical piano when I was younger - and have always wanted to learn jazz. Gordon has structured the lessons well to help me re-learn the basics while introducing jazz standards and improvisation techniques. He is also able to bring in years of practical experience, and has great tips if you are interested in really taking your playing to the next level. A great teacher." (Google *****)

Matt | Bayswater | April 2017

"Alex has so enjoyed working with you. I also love the way you work - so focused, attentive, natural and creative in the moment - in my experience there aren't many teachers like you."

Laura (music teacher and mother) | Hampstead | Feb 2017

"It's quite amazing to be taught by a professional who still performs in bands at top venues and Gordon is very much at the top of his game. He really does inspire you with the creativity and pizzaz he brings to lessons. Best Jazz Piano teacher I have ever had. He has certainly got that swing!!!" (Google *****)

James | Notting Hill | March 2022

"I highly recommend Gordon as a piano teacher. Lessons are fun and tailored to your specific needs." (Google *****)

Adam | Hammersmith | April 2017

"Gordon has taught our nine year old son for a year and it's been great to see his musicality and enjoyment of performance flourish. Lessons are never the same (a good thing) and strike a fun balance between theory, improvisation and application to mastery of the current piece. I'd recommend his teaching to anyone seeking an inspiring and caring teacher that will treat your child as an equal and that will help him or her to develop their love and understanding of music." (Google *****)

Liberty | Holland Park | Oct 2017

"I'm a drummer who's played for Sigma, Labrinth, Ellie Goulding, Justin Timberlake, Mica Paris, Cleopatra, Mojo etc. I recently went to Gordon for lessons to help me improve my keyboard skills for songwriting, production & help with music theory/practical work on popular styles. As a fellow colleague in the business, I can personally vouch for him being an awesome keyboard player & top notch teacher." (Google *****)

Paul Jones | Queens Park | Feb 2018

"I've been learning the piano in Notting Hill with Gordon for 4 years now. The lessons are very well constructed and presented in a manner that is easy to understand. I’m not the easiest person to teach but Gordon comes to each lesson with a friendly and patient manner and always makes them fun, as well as constructive. I would happily recommend his piano teaching to anyone who's interested.”

Janet | Paddington | 2015

"Can't recommend Gordon highly enough. Lovely approach to learning. I am a beginner (adult) and thoroughly enjoy my lessons”

Laurence | Bayswater | Jan 2018

"I started as a complete beginner with Gordon last summer. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also very patient and supportive, no matter at what speed you progress. He will ask what your learning objectives are and tailor the lessons to your goals. I really appreciate that he teaches you how to play efficiently and in a relaxed manner to prevent strain & injuries. It’s always a pleasure to have piano lesson with Gordon." (Google *****)

Eunice | Maida Vale | March 2022

"Gordon is an amazing piano teacher. He is extremely patient, extremely knowledgeable and always supportive and inspiring. I am a beginner, but I would also recommend Gordon to anyone who has previous experience and wants to revisit and improve." (Google *****)

Vivienne | Hammersmith | March 2022

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