I'm always on the hunt for new material to help me deepen my knowledge or to help me explain advanced concepts better. If you're similar to me and are always hungry for 'more information' here are some links that may be of interest.

Swing and its permutations.

Swing is a bit of an imprecise concept. If like me you've worked with African & Brazilian drummers, you'll know that it's impossible to precisely notate some of their rhythms. Some people talk about the 'African triplet' and this is a good description, because African rhythms often move between straight 4/4 time and compound triple time (12/8, 6/8 etc). If you listen to these transitions, you'll often hear a blurring of the lines between quaver triplets and quavers ('eighth notes' for you Septics) - the hits sometimes fall outside of the precision of actual notation. This is one of the reasons we love them so much in my opinion and talk about 'the groove'.

This one of the many factors I consider when talking about the evolution of 'jazz swing'. Of course it went through the bouillabaisse of the American tradition, mixing with many other elements to end up where it is today, but few would argue with me, I feel, about the first origins of swing.

Here are some links that cover the subject in more depth than I have time to (or need to) here:

Wikepedia has a good take on it from a historical perspective: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swing_(jazz_performance_style)

Here's an interview with someone working regularly with jazz: http://jazzbackstory.blogspot.co.uk/2010/05/but-does-it-swing.html